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1. What is Visible Statement®?
Visible Statement®  is a new computer-based delivery system designed to promote the retention and recall of your most important security awareness and training messages. What makes it unique is Visible Statement®  delivers colorful, humorous, professionally-designed animated messages right where people work—at their computers. Visible Statement®  uses the proven principle of spaced repetition to support and enhance security and training programs. It takes care of the need to re-emphasize your message to increase widespread security awareness throughout your organization. Ready for a Free Evaluation Copy?

2. What is the new Logon Message Feature?
Visible Statement®  now includes a new feature to help you get the word out—Logon Messaging. They appear when someone logs onto their computer. Visible Statement ships with a starter package of 44 Logon Messages covering a variety of security topics. They include colorful background photos and graphics to grab the attention of your audience. The Free Evaluation Copy of Visible Statement®  includes several of the new Logon Messages.

3. What type of files will Visible Statement®  display?
Visible Statement plays Flash Shockwave Movie (swf) files as well as simple graphic files. Many of our customers self-author some of their own animations to add to the mix.

4. What is the Auto Updater?
The Auto Updater  allows you to automatically distribute new or different animation and graphics whenever you wish.

5. Can Visible Statement also be tailored to support our existing programs?
Absolutely.  Visible Statement® is always customized to fit an organization's specific needs and goals. The text in all of the animations is routinely edited to reflect your security policy and your logo is added before being delivered to you.

6. Is Visible Statement® only used for Information Security issues?
Visible Statement® is used for a variety of issues including: Privacy, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Physical Security, Safety, Ethics, Teamwork, Change Management, Corporate Culture, Mission Statements, Quality Assurance, and Employee Assistance Programs, to name just a few.

7. What are the system requirements?
This program runs on just about any IBM or compatible computer running Windows 2000, XP, or Vista.  The evaluation copy requires approximately 13 MB of hard disk space.

8. What is the cost?
Surprisingly low. When you consider the value of your security training and education, you realize that Visible Statement® pays for itself many times over. Ask for our pricing, and let us know if you are a qualified GSA, CMAS, or ISSA buyer.

9. How do customers install Visible Statement?
Visible Statement® can be easily distributed over your network using system management software such as SMS, ZenWorks, or similar products. Our Support Engineer can answer your specific questions.

10. Is Visible Statement® available in languages other than English?
Visible Statement® is currently available in Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese,  Dutch, Polish, Swedish, and even Zulu! Additional languages are soon to be released including Arabic and Chinese.

11. Can the animations in Visible Statement® be used in other ways/formats?
Yes, in more than one way. The same Visible Statement® animation files can be used on your company web site. You can direct people there with an e-mail, a hyperlink, or when they visit your web site for information and updates. The animations can also be given to you as Projector Movies for use with new employees or training sessions.