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Why Do You Need Security Communication?

Not many companies know that of the £57 billion a year spent on corporate training and education, only 40% of the skills and information are transferred into the workplace immediately, falling to 15% at the end of 12 months. You do the maths - calculate 85% of your training and awareness budget. That's what is lost and forgotten unless you take steps to protect your investment.

Half of your security breaches and problems that occur are attributable to end users and while you may think you are doing everything you can to prevent this, maybe by putting up a poster, sending out an email or voice message, programming desktop pop-ups, giving out mugs or pens with a slogan imprinted on it, are your employees actually taking in the messages or just clicking ignore every time one of the messages pops-up?

Security Communication can make sure they do take in these messages! Your security messages will be put in front of every person in your company every time they use their computer, so not only will your important messages have constant, extremely high visibility, they are pleasant to look at meaning your employees will find them easier to remember and your security awareness objectives are achieved.

Our desktop animations are fun and visually exciting - they can be changed on a day to day basis using the auto updater. Not only that, it is easy to install and distribute. Once installed, it appears automatically and requires virtually no administration. You can also self-author your own animations and graphic message, making it an indispensible application for your security awareness program.

Find out today why so many organizations are choosing Visible Statement®  software for their security awareness needs. It is already an unscaled success in the USA with customers in both the private and public sectors including KPMG, Primerica, California ISO, Rabobank, Northwestern Mutual Life, The Arizona National Guard, The Federal Home Loan Bank Of Dallas, and many more.