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Now you can put your security awareness messages in front of every person in the company, every time they use the computer. Whether your concern is information security awareness, HIPAA, SOX, or Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Visible Statement®  can help you achieve your objectives.

It's visually exciting. The highest quality animations and graphics take advantage of the built-in presentation capabilities of your company's computers. So your critically important security messages are pleasant to look at and easy to remember. You can change the animations from day to day using the Auto Updater.

Find out today why so many organizations are choosing Visible Statement for their security awareness needs. Customers in both the private and public sectors include KPMG, Primerica, California ISO, Rabobank, Northwestern Mutual Life, The Arizona National Guard, The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, and many more. Please see our list of customers.

Best of all, Visible Statement®  is easy to install and distribute. Once installed, it
appears automatically and requires virtually no administration. You can also
self-author your own animations and graphic messages, making it an indispensable application
for your security awareness program.