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Recent data losses and public security breaches across Government have placed an increased focus on information assurance. Public sector organisations must comply with centrally defined security policy, HMG Security Policy Framework (HMG SPF) which defines mandatory minimum security measures.

There are 5 main, important requirements that the SPF states and Visible Statement®  can help you achieve these requirements that organisations are legally obliged to meet:

Departments and Agencies must ensure that all staff understand the relevant requirements and responsibilities placed upon them by the Security Policy Framework and that they are properly equipped to meet the mandatory security policies.

Departments and Agencies must:
a) Make their departmental security policy widely available internally and reference this in overall business plans
Departments and Agencies must ensure that:
d) Security education and awareness must be built into all staff inductions, with regular familiarisation thereafter.

Departments and Agencies must have a breach system and give clear guidance to all staff that deliberate or accidental compromise of protectively marked material may lead to disciplinary and / or criminal proceedings.

Departments and Agencies must ensure that all users of ICT systems are familiar with the security operating procedures governing their use, receive appropriate security training, and are aware of local processes for reporting issues of security concern. They must further ensure that staff who manage and maintain the secure configuration of ICT systems, and those with access to information assets, are appropriately trained, are aware of incident reporting, and the minimum standards relating to the handling of protectively marked data.

All of these requirements and many more that would have to be complied with by law, have the common theme of familiarising and giving guidance to your staff of security policies and procedures. There is no better way to do this than by using Visible Statement to put these messages in front of every single employee every day, in a way that ensures that they will take notice and most importantly take it in! No longer will you have to worry about being compliant to these requirements, Visible Statement is on hand to help!