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Banks and Finance

Banks and Finance

Whether you are a bank, online merchants, or deal with any card transactions, you are required to protect cardholder information by adhering to a set of security standards, set out by the PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standard).
Not only do you have the PCI DSS to adhere to, you may have various other regulations you have to conform to such as the FSA (Financial services authority) .....whatever it is, you need to have a procedure in place to meet the terms of them.
Requirement 12 of the PCI DSS states that “you must maintain a policy that addresses information security.” How would you communicate this to all your employees in an effective and memorable way, ensuring that you are complying with this requirement?
Visible Statement®  answers this question! Our animated communication tool can guarantee that not only will your audience see your information security messages, they will take notice because of the exciting way they are put across.
No longer will you have to worry about how you are going to tackle this problem, Visible Statement® are here to help.