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save money on training

Between $33 and $47 billion dollars spent on training and education is lost within the first year

This figure is astonishing and not something you want to be part of. The reason this much money is lost within the first year is because companies are more than happy to pay for training to educate their staff on what is necessary to them but then they do not implement any method post-training to ensure that the key points and messages are remembered and put into every day practice. So what is being taught in the training room is being forgotten and lost on the work floor, and the money being spent in the first place is a waste.
Visible Statement®  is the perfect post-training communication tool. Why spend all the money on training when it will just be forgotten? Make sure you have a procedure in place to keep your employees familiar with your key messages. Not only is our communication tool unique, it is visually exciting and fun, so your training key points will be reinforced, taken notice of and put into practice and your money won’t be wasted!