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Improve Training Efficiency

40% of the skills and information from training are transferred immediately into the workplace

Why not 100%? Why only 40% when you take the time to hold training sessions for the benefit of your staff?
Training sessions are all well and good to educate people on what they need to know and learn, but as they are usually compacted and very informational heavy, it is difficult for every single piece of information to be remembered and then transferred into the workplace. What you really need is something that helps reinforce these important skills and information in an inexpensive but highly effective way.
Visible Statement does just that! From the moment the training session is over and the individual is back at their desk, the reinforcement process starts. Your important messages will have high visibility and will be taken notice of due to the eye-catching, fun animations. So it won’t just be 40% of skills and information that is transferred into the workplace immediately, it will be 100% because there is a constant reminder of what was taught and no long periods in between training sessions to forget.